Vap fip premium

Vap fip premium


Vap Fip liquid manufacturer offers you different creamy, tabaquiles and fruity flavors with an excellent guarantee of purity to enjoy the full flavor vapeando with your electronic cigarette or Mod.
You can buy vap fip nicotine alone or with nicokits of different grades 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml and 12mg/ml with the Vap Fip nicokits we have for sale to mix with your favorite vape liquids.
Making your own vape liquids is called alchemy, it is about buying bases and flavors separately. This way you can make your own vape liquids at home, choosing the flavor of the aroma you like the most and mixing it inside the bottle of the base. This mixture of alchemy needs a few days of maceration, it will always depend on the manufacturer.
All the bottles of bases premium vap fip of vaper are of the highest quality and are recognized at European level, it is for this reason that they are called bases Vap Fip premium. You can buy Vapfip base in different formats of 100 ml, 200 ml, 500ml and 1000ml, this is the base of liter vapfip.


We are known for being a company that looks after the health of its customers, so our R & D department, the engine of our success, is constantly researching to ensure this fact. One of our most important contributions is to eliminate sucralose in our liquids, as we explain in our blog. We continue to research every day new components and formulations with which to satisfy our customers so they can enjoy a healthier vape.
Our company is characterized by getting the most out of our liquids, all without sucralose. The process begins with the creation of the concept to be manufactured, together with the alchemist who mixes the components to create the appropriate aromas. We then generate the image and produce in clean room all the product generating the right stock for sale to our current customers.
Our vape bases are composed of Bio Propylene Glycol, which is not extracted from petroleum like the rest but is of vegetable origin, and vegetable Glycerin which is not extracted from palm oil, thus helping to avoid deforestation and improving the ecosystem. Our flavors are not blends of other flavors but are for food use.

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